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Useful keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac

  1. Space Bar (PC/MAC) – Press the space bar while surfing the web to scroll down.
  2. Ctrl + F (PC/MAC) – Search for a word or phrase in any document or on a web page.
  3. Ctrl + Shift + ESC (PC) – This opens the Windows Task Manager.
  4. F2 (PC) – To rename a selected file.
  5. CTRL + Shift + T (PC and Mac) – Reopens the last closed tab in Firefox or Google Chrome.
  6. CTRL + (PC/MAC) – Increases the font size in the browser.
  7. CTRL – (PC/MAC) – Decreases the font size in the browser
  8. CTRL 0 (PC/MAC) – Restores the font size in the browser
  9. CTRL + Backspace (PC) – Deletes the entire word.
  10. CTRL+Shift+arrow (PC) highlights an entire word.
Resize images in Windows with a simple right click
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