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Useful Internet Shortcuts

Useful Internet Shortcuts


Here are a few shortcuts to make your web browsing a little more efficient.internet shortcuts

Alt + D will move the curser back into your address bar

F5 will refresh the content on the page

F11 will put the browser in full screen mode.  You can press it again to leave full screen mode.

Ctrl F will open the find box so you can search through the text on the currently open web page.

Ctrl + will enlarge the text and content in your web browser

Ctrl - will reduce the text and content in your web browser

Ctrl 0 (zero) - will reset the text and contact back to it's default setting


Anderson Computer Guy

Useful keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac

  1. Space Bar (PC/MAC) – Press the space bar while surfing the web to scroll down.
  2. Ctrl + F (PC/MAC) – Search for a word or phrase in any document or on a web page.
  3. Ctrl + Shift + ESC (PC) – This opens the Windows Task Manager.
  4. F2 (PC) – To rename a selected file.